Rose Oud By Yves Rocher


This is an extremely new perfume, released in 2016. Oud is a very in vogue ingredient recently, we will surely be seeing much more of it. If you are not familiar with oud, it is the resin soaked wood of the agar tree. It is warm, woody, and slightly musky.


The bottle is a stunning deep violet, mysterious like a potion vial. The box is the same colour in matt, both have delicate gold lettering. It looks very expensive.

The notes are oud, of course, damask rose, cumin, and labdanum.

My first impression is very fresh spicy. It vaguely reminds me of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Then a pleasing incense odour comes through. I am still waiting for a hint of rose which hasn’t appeared yet. Fifteen minutes later, a sweet rose comes through, heavily blended with oud, it is certainly pleasant. This is richly exotic.

This could feel too much in hot weather, so use in cooler seasons for the most pleasant effect. It is alluring for a romantic date.

My rating for this is a bronze medal, though it is lovely, please try before you buy.

Price rating is inexpensive.


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